Designer Statement

April 15, 2008

Designer name: Hessa AlMehairi

Since high school I wanted to be a graphic designer. Living in Dubai and looking at many creative logos and banner advertisements I really wanted to design creative designs and logos.


When I design I start out sketching all of my ideas, then I choose the best sketched idea and improve it. After I have my final sketch I start working in the illustrator. When I design anything I start with the colors black and white to make it easier to focus on the design rather on the colors. After finishing the design I experiment the colors and choose which is the best color. My favorite fonts which I find my self-using it more likely are: Century Gothic, Futura, Frutiger and Univers. I like working in illustrator because it has more varieties for text effects.


The style that I want to show when I design is my identity and creativity. When designing my main objective is to have a clear, strong and simple design, by just looking at it you can get the message I want to send to the viewer.



Hello world!

April 1, 2008

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